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From the Desk of Tommy McLaughlin

Re:Free report that demystifies setting up WordPress blogs!

Dear Friend,

You likely have heard of the amazing power and flexibility of the WordPress blogging platform.

Truly when you are comfortable with WordPress you can....

  • Set up websites on the fly (in under 10 minutes)!

  • Change the look of your site in 5 minutes fast!

  • Quickly and easily set up a great looking content management system!

  • Create squeeze pages and sales pages with ease (there are many templates that will do this for you)!

Yes, WordPress blogs are incredibly flexible and fast. There are a ton of free and paid plugins out there that can do just about anything you want - payment plugins, membership plugins and the list goes on and on.

But here's the problem...

You May Feel That WordPress Is More Trouble Than It Is Worth!

If you are not technically saavy then WordPress can seem like more trouble than it is worth. After all, you have to figure out how to install the script, which plugins and themes you should use and how to set them up, how to make your WordPress blog search engine friendly and on and on.

I have been lucky enough to have been mentored by John Thornhill & Alex Jeffreys, I am still learning from all I have been taught, one of the first things they advised was the importance of having a WordPress Blog!

It was while I was a student of Alex Jeffreys Mentoring Program, I came across many fellow marketers that had no clue when it came to WordPress.

I took some time to help many marketers figure out how WordPress works. In no time at all they were able to set up their own WordPress blogs, themes and plugins with ease.

After helping many of them, I had a chat with my mentor Alex about all the common problems that people were experiencing when it came to using WordPress. Alex felt that I should make a product that helps others.

Since I love helping people and I can't help everybody one on one I decided to put together a comprehensive eBook on WordPress.


Blog Setup Tutorials, A Free, 90 Page Comprehensive Guide To Setting Up WordPress Blogs Quickly And Easily!

This 90 page ebook should not be take lightly just because it is free. So many marketers assume that because something is free that it is not valuable...this just isn't the case.

Inside Blog Setup Tutorials you will discover....

  • How to choose a domain name and get it hosted properly so that you can put a WordPress blog on it!

  • How to set up your very own email address (like you@yourdomain.com)!

  • How to install WordPress blogs manually or using the fantastico method (trust me, once you do an install using Fantastico you will never want to do a manual install again)!

  • Where to find themes that rock and exactly how to install them!

  • Where to find every plugin available that you would ever need and how to install them!

  • How to prime your WordPress blogs for the search engines (Google loves blogs and will love yours even more than the average after you use these simple tips and tricks)!

  • How to quickly create new pages and posts on the fly (no more fiddling with HTML)!

  • Exactly how to monetize your WordPress blogs (hint - you will discover many revenue streams that you can easily add to your blog)!

  • How to integrate a WordPress opt-in form on your blog that builds your list automatically!

  • How to write your first post and even add pictures and video to boost your credibility!

  • How to add Google Analytics to your WordPress blog so that you understand where your traffic is coming from!

  • Exactly how to drive tons and tons of traffic to your new WordPress blog!

  • Opportunities Like This Do Not Come Along Every Day!

    As you can see, everything is set up for you to succeed here. Even if you know absolutely nothing about WordPress blogs today you could be up and running in a very short amount of time -- easily less than a day.

    And once you learn the secrets, setting up a new site will likely take you an hour or less!

    And, this is all Free!

    And, I am even going to go one further....if you need help setting up your first WordPress blog, I will provide assistance to you - also free!

    You May Be Wondering Why I Would Give This Comprehensive Guide Away Absolutely Free!

    Well, WordPress is one of my specialties. I truly want to help as many others as possible. Also, I am hoping that once you see the quality of my work you will want to become a customer of mine.

    There is absolutely no risk for you here with this offer.


    Here's How To Get Started Building WordPress Blogs Today!

    Yes Tommy! I'm ready to learn how to set up a WordPress Blog!

    I understand that by clicking the Download button , I will be getting instant access to this massive 90 Page free report that will enable me to have my WordPress Blog installed today!

    I know that this product will also show me how to monitize and drive traffic to my WordPress Blog!

    You've made it too good an offer to refuse with your 100% iron-clad guarantee of free assistance if I need it to set up my WordPress Blog.

    I'm ready to start right now, so I'm clicking the Download button below to receive my FREE copy of Blog Setup Tutorials

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    To your Blogging success

    PS- You could stick your head in the ground and assume WordPress is going away but it just is not going to happen...learning WordPress is one of the best things you can do for your business.

    PPS-All you need to do is take action and click the"Get your Free Report Now!"

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